Free CKD Videos for Patients

The Medical Education Institute has announced a series of six free online video classes, called How to Have a Good Future with Kidney Disease, for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or those who want to learn more about it.  The classes are available at  The non-profit MEI created and recorded the classes, while additionally offering the slides as a toolkit for professionals who want to give live classes.  Each video class is about 15 minutes long. Topics are:

  • Coming to Terms – What does it mean to you to have kidney disease?  How can you cope?
  • Kidneys & Kidney Disease – What do kidneys do, and what happens to you if they stop?
  • Slowing Kidney Disease – How can you keep your kidneys working as long as possible?
  • Kidney Transplant – What is a kidney or kidney-pancreas transplant, and how does it work?
  • Dialysis & Your Lifestyle – How can you choose a dialysis option that best fits your life?
  • Your Money & Your Life – What financial help is there if your kidneys fail?  What are your life goals?

“We created this series because we know that many patients don’t have access to information that can help them slow their kidney disease – or prepare for kidney failure by making choices that will allow them to live as fully as possible,” says MEI Executive Director Dori Schatell.  “Now, patients can learn how to live well with CKD 24 hours a day, at their convenience.  They can visit the classes in any order – but we do hope they’ll start with Coming to Terms because it’s so vital to stay positive and take an active role in kidney care.”

The new videos are an addition to the How to Have a Good Future with Kidney Disease toolkit that includes PowerPoint slides, speaker’s notes, learning objectives, quizzes, and a “how-to” guide.  The series can be used for MIPPA CKD stage 4 education (or for any stage of CKD), one-on-one or in groups.  Download the free toolkit from  The files are large; please be patient.

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