CNSW Educational Symposium Issaquah WA Oct 25

The Northwest Chapter of the Council of Nephrology Social Workers will hold their Fall 2013 Educational Symposium in Issaquah WA on October 25, 2013, offering six continuing education hours.  Major topics will include Ethics: The Right Use of Power, and DSM-5 Overview.  For details see

Home Dialysis Program Conference Indianapolis Oct 3-4

The University of Indiana Division of Continuing Medical Education will present a two-day symposium and workshop on “Building a Comprehensive Home Dialysis Program” on October 3-4, 2013 in Indianapolis IN.  The program and continuing education credits will cover current research, economics, design, vascular access, patient selection and recruitment, family relationships, prescription basics, and other topics, and will include breakout sessions for nurses and social workers, physicians and administrators, and fellows.  Find the program brochure at and more information at

Involuntary Discharge/Transfer Notification Requirements

The Conditions for Coverage (CfC) require all facilities to notify both the Network and your State Survey Agency, within specified time parameters, of all involuntary discharges and transfers.

We would like to remind facilities of the document “Notifying the Network of Involuntary Discharges and Involuntary Transfers,” available at  This document was created to assist dialysis facilities in complying with the requirements of the CfC and Survey Interpretative Guidelines, and to help facilities understand what Northwest Renal Network will be requesting in order for it to fulfill Network goals and the terms of its current CMS Contract.  You can find a link to this IVD/IVT document on our Social Workers page,

Better yet, if you’re considering an involuntary discharge or transfer, first contact the Network Patient Services Coordinator, Lisa Hall (, to help you negotiate a better outcome.

Two HeRO Graft Webinars September 10

In addition to the September 10, 2013 1pm PDT webinar on “HeRO grafts: Another Access Option for Dialysis Patients,” Northwest Renal Network’s Learning and Action Network for Healthcare Associated Infection will also present the same webinar at 8am PDT.  While anyone can attend either session, nurses and nephrologists are particularly invited.

The HeRO graft is a safer alternative for some catheter patients.  It reduces inflammation and infection for patients, and reduces long-term catheter rates for facilities.  The HeRO is introduced at and at

Register for the 8am PDT webinar at

HeRO Graft Webinar September 10

The Oregon Patient Safety Commission will host a Web-Ex presentation by CryoLife Inc. on “HeRO grafts: Another Access Option for Dialysis Patients.”  The HeRO graft is a safer alternative for some catheter patients.  It reduces inflammation and infection for patients, and reduces long-term catheter rates for facilities.  While anyone can attend, nurses and nephrologists are particularly invited.  The HeRO is introduced at and at  Register for the webinar at

FDA Warning re Ortiga

The FDA has warned that Ortiga, a non-prescription product manufactured in Mexico and labeled primarily in Spanish, contains the prescription NSAID diclofenac, which can have dangerous side effects.  Product packaging does not identify the prescription ingredient.  The FDA advises against purchasing or using Ortiga.  For details see

UNOS Plain Language Rewrite Comments Due Sept 9

UNOS seeks public comment on a new proposal for the Plain Language Policy Rewrite of organ procurement policies, before September 9, 2013.  The Rewrite is a major initiative to rewrite policies in plain language and to reorganize them logically.  For more information see

When the public comment period ends on September 9, 2013, UNOS will compile the feedback and make additional changes, consulting with appropriate OPTN/UNOS Committees and UNOS staff.  The revised document will then be presented to the OPTN Board of Directors for final approval.