Patient Engagement Web Page

We’ve been adding to the Network web page on our Learning and Action Network for improving

  • Patient Engagement,
  • Patient Centeredness of Care, and
  • Patient Education and Orientation

including a delightful little booklet for patients on How Can I Get Involved in My Care? that you can download at  Find our Learning and Action Network page at

CE Credit for Oct 3/10 Webinars

Our October 3 and October 10 online seminars for Northwest Renal Network staff on Staff and Patient Safety and on Proactivity: Anticipating and Resolving Volatile Situations were introduced at  We’ve now added instructions and evaluation forms for obtaining social worker continuing education credit, for both webinars.  See

New CDC Infection Control Tools

CDC has announced three new tools for prevention of dialysis infections:

  • A training video for facility staff on “Preventing Bloodstream Infections in Outpatient Hemodialysis Patients: Best Practices for Dialysis Staff” – on YouTube and DVD
  • A poster of reminders for staff lounges and treatment floor called “Put Together the Pieces to Prevent Infections in Dialysis Patients” – PDF and print copy
  • A pocket guide for patients on “6 Tips to Prevent Dialysis Infections” – PDF and print copy

Find details, links, and ordering information at

NKF Spring Clinical Meetings Apr 22-26 in Las Vegas

NKF has announced a “Save-the-Date” notice for the NKF 2014 Spring Clinical Meetings, in Las Vegas NV April 22-26, 2014.  They’ve included a general outline of topics for each of the five professional tracks at  The deadline for abstract sumission is December 2, 2013.  For updates as they become available, watch for new bulletins on

Long Links in Blog Posts

Some of the long links in some posts in this blog do not wrap from one line to the next, and may overwrite the menus on the right side of the screen.  If this ever creates a problem, such as not being able to read a link, or not being able to access a menu item, shrinking the text size (usually <Ctrl><->, ie hitting the Minus or Dash/Hyphen key while depressing the Ctrl key) will alleviate the problem.

HIPAA and Emergency Preparedness

The HHS Office of Civil Rights has prepared several new tools for coordinating emergency preparedness planning and emergency response with HIPAA regulations.  A decision tool at can help determine what information can be released to whom in an emergency.  The page at concerns how HIPAA is applied during national or public-health emergencies.  And the page at provides an overview and links to related tools.

Patient Flyer/Poster on Dialysis Machines

Northwest Renal Network’s monthly patient flyer is now posted on our website at  The featured topic for September is Understanding the Kidney Machine.  These flyers are designed for posting in the facility waiting area, and for distribution to patients and family members.  Contact the Network Patient Services Director, Lisa Hall ( if you have questions, or ideas for future monthly topics.