QIP CY2014 Final Rule Issued

CMS has released the Final Rule for the Calendar Year 2014/Payment Year 2016 Prospective Payment System (PPS) Quality Incentive Program (QIP).  The Final Rule can be found at http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Medicare-Fee-for-Service-Payment/ESRDpayment/End-Stage-Renal-Disease-ESRD-Payment-Regulations-and-Notices-Items/CMS-1526-F.html; scroll down on that page to “CMS-1526-F [Display Copy]” for the full text.  The web page also includes several Addenda and other details.

The Final Rule document includes details on the PY2014 ESRD PPS base rate, wage index and floor, outlier policy, ICD-10-CM, self- and home-dialysis training adjustment, DME, QIP, applicability, cost analysis, stakeholder comments, outcome trends, rule development and performance scoring methodologies, and a great deal of additional information.  The PY2016 QIP includes clinical measures on hgb, adult HD and PD Kt/V, pediatric HD Kt/V, AVF and catheter rates, hypercalcemia, and NHSN HD BSI, and reporting measures on anemia management, mineral metabolism, and ICH-CAHPS.

More comprehensive information can be found at the CMS ESRD Center, http://www.cms.gov/Center/Special-Topic/End-Stage-Renal-Disease-ESRD-Center.html.




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