NHSN Upgrade Delayed

The 2014 Outpatient Dialysis Center Practices Survey (CDC 57.500, necessary for NHSN’s annual survey requirement) will be available with the NHSN release scheduled for February 1, 2014.  The 2014 Survey cannot be entered into NHSN until after February 1.  Until then, please ignore the prompt to complete the Dialysis Survey.  To ensure data consistency and quality, we ask that all users collect data for the 2014 Dialysis Survey during the first week of February.  The Survey includes questions about staff and patients specific to the first week of February, so most users will find it easiest to collect and submit the information in early February.

The 2014 Survey is available to print at: http://www.cdc.gov/nhsn/forms/57.500_OutpatientDialysisSurv_BLANK.pdf

Beginning February 1, upon login to NHSN, the 2014 Survey will be listed as a required “Action Item.”  Users will be able to submit Monthly Reporting Plans, Denominators for Outpatient Dialysis Forms, and Dialysis Event Forms for January-April 2014 without a 2014 Survey completed.  However, as of May 1, 2014, no further data entry will be allowed until a 2014 Survey is completed. 

If you have any questions please contact the NHSN Help Desk at nhsn@cdc.gov and include “Dialysis Event” in the subject line.

2744 Annual Facility Survey for 2013

Timelines, resources, and details for the 2013 Annual Facility Survey Form 2744:

  • Facilities can start completing Form 2744 as soon as all of their information for the calendar year 2013 has been entered into CROWNWeb.  The goal is for all facilities to begin the survey process by February 1, 2014.  The due date back to the Network is March 1, 2014.  This allows enough time for the Network to review the survey and to work with facilities to make corrections and rebalance the numbers if needed.
  • A Vocational Rehabilitation mailing went out January 27 from the Network to all facility social workers.  The mailing included a list of patients aged 18-54 as of December 31, 2013.  Social Workers can complete this form and route it to the facility CROWNWeb data coordinator, to assist with updating CROWNWeb.  If filled out correctly, it will have the patient’s CROWNWeb Employment Status, School Status, and Vocational Rehabilitation Status along with the effective date for each.  Once your facility’s 2744 is generated, the facility CROWNWeb data coordinator can print out the CROWNWeb Vocational Rehabilitation report for the social worker, so they can see what is already in CROWNWeb.
  • The CROWNWeb Outreach Communications and Training team will host a Town Hall meeting about understanding the CMS-2744 CROWNWeb Completion Process on January 30, 2014.  All available phone lines for the event have been claimed, but it will be recorded.  Navigate to http://projectcrownweb.org/pcw_community_events/january2014townhall/ after January 30 for more information about accessing the recording.

Recall: Fresenius Series 2008 HD/HHD Machines

The FDA has announced a Class 2 recall of Fresenius 2008 Series Hemodialysis Machines, including the 2008H, 2008K, 2008K2, 2008K@Home, and 2008T models, because the saline bag may fill inappropriately.  If this occurs, Fresenius has requested that such machines be taken out of service until they can be checked by a qualified service technician.  If you have a Fresenius 2008-series machine and did not get a letter about this (dated November 4, 2013), or you have not acted on the letter, contact your Fresenius representative (for facilities) or your dialysis facility (for home patients).  The FDA notice can be found at http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfRes/res.cfm?ID=122784, but it does not include the text of the letters.  Copies of the letters are linked from http://www.nephrologynews.com/articles/109989-fresenius-clarifies-recall-of-hemodialysis-machines.

Patient Flyer on Physical Therapy

Northwest Renal Network’s monthly patient flyer is now posted on our website at http://www.nwrenalnetwork.org/P/M/Monthly.htm.  The featured topic for January is physical and occupational therapy – “What Can I Do to Feel Stronger?”  These flyers are designed for posting in the facility waiting area, and for distribution to patients and family members.  Contact our Patient Services Director, Lisa Hall (lhall@nw16.esrd.net) if you have questions or ideas for future monthly topics.

ANNA Nat’l Symposium Apr 13-16, Anaheim

The 45th ANNA National Symposium will be held in Anaheim, California from April 13-16, 2014.  The deadline for registration fee discounts is February 22, 2014.  Details will come later, but you can find preliminary information at http://www.annasymposium.org/.

ANNA’s Volunteer Leaders Workshop, free for 2014-15 ANNA volunteers, will be held prior to the Symposium, on April 11-13.  For more information see http://www.annasymposium.org/vlw.

If you like to plan way ahead, the ANNA Fall Meeting for Nephrology Nurses, Managers, and Advanced Practice Nurses will be held  October 11-13, 2014 in Savannah, Georgia.  See http://www.annanurse.org/events/fall-meeting-nephrology-nurses-managers-and-advanced-practice-nurses for details.

ANNA Renal Update Mar 13-14 Seattle

The ANNA Greater Puget Sound Chapter 503 will sponsor the Renal Update 2014 conference March 13-14, 2014 in Lynnwood, Washington, near Seattle.  The registration fee is discounted for registrations postmarked before January 31, 2014.  Meals are included, and 14.5 CE credits are anticipated.  Topics include home dialysis, “chronic education burnout,” difficult conversations, motivation, transplant, vascular access, AVF maturation, diabetes, oxygen, medication safety, and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.  Find full details at http://community.annanurse.org/communities/viewdiscussions/viewthread/?GroupId=751&UserKey=be95b26a-9654-43a8-bf5e-fe9188a0998a&sKey=13F5BB4A499F415D804C&MID=13333.

Patient Education Jan-Feb 2014

Links to previous bulletins about upcoming patient education opportunities:

Don’t neglect the library of recorded AAKP HealthLine webinars on treatment choices, transplant, patient-centered care, coping and depression, sexuality, diet and nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, and anemia.

2013 QIP Attestation Deadlines Redux

We’ve revised our January 7, 2014 post about 2013 QIP Attestation Deadlines to clarify the NHSN timelines.  Facilities have until April 15, 2014 to enter your Dialysis Event and other related data into NHSN, but only until January 31, 2014 to attest in CROWNWeb that you are not eligible for the QIP NHSN measure because of low treatment volume.

See the aforementioned January 7 post , the January 23 Attestation Training session, or PY2015 CMS QIP details for information about eligibility.

See also our December 31, 2013 post on NHSN Deadlines and Revisions for information you’ll need to know before you enter your NHSN Dialysis Events and Outpatient Dialysis Practices Survey data.

2014 Vocational Rehabilitation Toolkit

We’ve updated the Network Vocational Rehabilitation Toolkit – see http://www.nwrenalnetwork.org/SW/VR/VocToolkit.pdf for the latest revision.  If you lose the link, you can find it from the Network home page by clicking “For Clinical Staff” and then “Our overview Social Worker page” under “Social Workers.”