Network Patient Census

We’ve published our latest quarterly Modality Reports (Dialysis Patient Census), for March 31, 2014, at  Montana has averaged a 5.7% annual gain in chronic dialysis patients over the last two years, Idaho 4.6%, Oregon 4.1%, Alaska 3.6%, and Washington 2.5%, for a 3.6% annual growth rate in the Network as a whole.  Helping to meet the increased demand, thirteen new dialysis facilities have opened in the last year.  Since March 2013 data was incomplete, we’re calculating our growth rates by comparing March 2014 to March 2012, then adjusting the changes to annual rates.

Home peritoneal dialysis has averaged a remarkable 7.9% annual growth, while home hemodialysis has grown 3.2% per year, and in-center hemodialysis 3.0%.  Consequently, 16.1% of Network patients now dialyze at home, compared to 15.2% in 2012.  Oregon saw the largest relative increase in home PD patients, averaging 16.7% growth per year.  Alaska home PD patients increased by 10.1% per year, Washington 6.0%, Montana 2.5%, and Idaho 1.1%.

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