Infection Prevention for Patients

Northwest Renal Network’s monthly patient flyer is now posted on our website at  The featured topic for August is Infection Prevention in Your Day to Day Care.  These flyers are designed for posting in the facility waiting area, and for distribution to patients and family members.  Contact our Patient Services Director, Lisa Hall ( if you have questions or ideas for future monthly topics.

Teachable Moments Video on Home Dialysis

We’ve added a video called “Teachable Moments” to our For Clinical Staff web page at  The video coaches in-center dialysis staff on how to help take advantage of “teachable moments” (moments when a patient is listening and likely to hear and understand a communication) to educate patients about home dialysis and other topics.  Instructions for obtaining continuing education credits can be found at the end of the video; use authorization number CEP16217.

CROWNWeb Monthly Deadlines

For the remainder of 2014, CROWNWeb will remain on a quarterly clinical month closure schedule – that is, data for the last three months of 2014 must be entered into CROWNWeb by January 31, 2015.  Beginning in 2015, CROWNWeb will switch to a monthly clinical month closure schedule, which means data for January 2015 must be entered by the end of February 2015, February data by the end of March, etc.  For details see

2014 RFRN 3 Weeks Away

Hotel reservations are due by August 29 (this Friday) and conference registration by September 5 (next Friday) for the Renal Financial Resources Network 2014 Fall Workshop, to be held September 17-19, 2014 in Leavenworth WA.  The brochure/agenda/map/registration form has been updated to include the speaker for the Friday morning Washington breakout session; find the latest information at

CNSW Suicide Risk Symposium 10/17

The CNSW Northwest Chapter’s Fall 2014 Educational Symposium will be held on October 17, 2014 in Issaquah WA.  The day will be devoted to Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk.  CEUs will be provided to any attending Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, or Licensed Mental Health Counselor, so you are encouraged to invite others from non-nephrology fields, as increased attendance will help defray the expense to the NW Chapter.  For full details see

Home Dialysis Symposium 10/23-24

Indiana University will present a symposium on Building a Successful Comprehensive Home Dialysis Program: “The Road Home” October 23-24 in Indianapolis.  While the overall program is targeted to the lead physician and the lead home training nurse at facilities planning to start a new home dialysis program or expand an existing home program, the agenda includes material for administrators, social workers, and patients.  For full details see

Baxter PD Solution Shortage

Because of demand growth and limited manufacturing capacity, Baxter has announced shortages of DIANEAL and EXTRANEAL Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, which are projected to last through the end of 2014, and is reportedly limiting the number of new prescriptions allowed.  Fresenius advises that their DELFLEX and STAY*SAFE PD Solutions are available.  For product details see

June 2014 Patient Census

The June 2014 Modality Reports (Patient Census) have been published, at  Year-over-year growth rates are difficult to compute because the June 2013 census may not have been complete, there was no June 2012 census, and since the 2014 data does not diffentiate patients training for home dialysis, it’s difficult to compare modalities between years.  Nominally, the Network dialysis population was 4.3% larger than in June 2013, led by Oregon and Montana at 6.1% and 6.0% respectively, followed by Washington at 3.8%, Idaho 1.9%, and Alaska 1.2% larger.  Sixteen new facilities opened in the Network during the intervening twelve months.