Recall: Hospira LifeCare IV Solutions

The FDA has announced a recall of many lots of many products in the Hospira LifeCare line of flexible intravenous solutions due to possible punctures.  Expect the recall to be upgraded to Class I (potential for serious injury or death), since puncture in the primary container may result in leakage that is difficult to detect; leakage may result in an open system, which has the potential for contamination, compromised sterility, drug waste, spillage, inadequate or inconsistent dosing, and/or delay in therapy, any of which may require medical intervention; and hazardous topical exposure may occur if a hazardous drug is added to the flexible container.

The recall notice is at and the list of products and lots at  Recalled products include Normosol-R Multiple Electrolytes, Sterile Water, and various combinations of Potassium Chloride, Dextrose, Sodium Chloride, and Lactated Ringer’s, all for Injection.

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