CDC Updates: Ebola and Other Topics

The Centers for Disease Control has an extensive network of bulletins and updates – more than most people would want in their email inbox.  However, depending on your job or interests, some are important.

  • For established CDC web pages such as “Dialysis Safety” at there’s an easy-to-use box on the right side of the screen titled “Get Email Updates.”
  • For other very useful web pages like the “Health Alert Network” at the process is much more arcane, but the “Sign Up for HAN E-mail Updates” link on that page does provide clear instructions (and an introduction to the breadth of CDC’s scope!).
  • For newer web pages like the Ebola page at the update bulletin process isn’t specified yet, so checking that page every several days may be a good strategy while the situation is changing rapidly and CDC is posting new material literally daily.

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