Network Job Opening and Renal Job Postings

Rather than convert our web page of renal-related job postings from our old website to our new one ( ) we’ll be listing job openings here on our nwrnbulletins blog.  You can find them by clicking on “Renal Job Postings” above, or .

We initiate our new job postings page with a job opening here at Northwest Renal Network, based in Seattle, for an RN to act as Network Quality Improvement and Community Outreach Coordinator.  For details, click on “Renal Job Postings” above.

If you have a job posting on our old website that’s still open, or a new renal-related job opening, let us know and we’ll post it here.  Click on “Leave a Comment” below and enter your

  • Job title
  • Location
  • One-paragraph job description
  • How an applicant can find more information

Please also include

  • Your email address

in case we have questions about incomplete information.  We’ll routinely erase job postings after four months; it you would like a posting to remain available longer than that, just let us know.

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