7/9 Call re New ESRD QIP/DFR Website

Attention Facility Medical Directors, Representatives, and Administrators:

CMS plans to release a new user system for the ESRD QIP and related programs.  This system, which will be known as “ESRD QIP 1.0.0,” replaces the DialysisReports.org interface that was discontinued earlier this year.  ESRD QIP 1.0.0 will provide a portal for dialysis facility staff to access public reporting documents and participate in the annual Preview Period.  Additionally, appropriate corporate personnel and ESRD Network staff will be able to access facility data.

CMS will provide information about the Preview Period, including guidance for using  ESRD QIP 1.0.0, to the stakeholder community as part of a National Provider Call on July 9, 2015.   Register for the Call at http://www.eventsvc.com/blhtechnologies/register/12a40419-aeea-4242-b35d-f9cd088777c1 .

CMS expects that ESRD QIP 1.0.0 will be operational in time for the July 15 start of the PY2016 Preview Period, and it plans to provide training opportunities for users.  Further guidance will be released over the next several weeks.  Authorized users will access QIP 1.0.0 through the QualityNet.org portal.  Existing CROWNWeb Facility Administrators will be assigned by default to the “QIP Facility Viewer” role in the QIP 1.0.0 System.  Others will be required to establish their own ESRD QIP 1.0.0 accounts through an application process to be described soon.

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