Recall: Fresenius CLiC Crit-Line

The FDA has announced a Class II recall of the Fresenius Crit Line in a Clip (CLiC) with SW version 2.51, Model Number CL10041001.  The CLiC monitors hematocrit, oxygen saturation and blood volume change during hemodialysis, but doesn’t directly impact treatment.  The reason for recall is potential for misinterpretation of the blood volume readout.  For details see .

KHI Workshop 8/12-13 on CKD Medical Devices

The Kidney Health Initiative will sponsor a free workshop on “Understanding Patients’ Preferences: Stimulating Medical Device Development in Kidney Disease” August 12-13, 2015 near the Baltimore MD airport.  For details see .  For more information on KHI, see .

ICD-10 Transition 10/1/15

CMS officially transitions its use of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) from ICD-9 to ICD-10 on October 1, 2015.  For translating old codes to new ones, see the General Equivalent Mapping (GEMs) at .  A downloadable copy of the new Medical Evidence Form 2728 can be found at  .

CMS has recently announced the following…

QIP 1.0.0 Training

CMS will provide training for ESRD QIP 1.0.0 Facility Users and Facility Viewers on June 30, July 7, July 8, July 14, July 20, and August 3, 2015.  Different sessions will be presented by the NRAA, ESRD NCC, and CMS MLN.  Training for LDO Users will be added later.  For details on this training, and on user accounts for ESRD QIP 1.0.0, see .  For background information on QIP 1.0.0 and the July 9, 2015 National Provider Call on it, see .

ANNA CExpress Online Short Courses

ANNA has introduced a new program of concise online nephrology education courses designed for non-nephrology nurses providing care to CKD patients, for nurses new to nephrology, and for experienced nurses wanting a quick refresher.  The courses are 30 minutes and $5 each, including CNE processing.  Courses include anemia management, CKD basics, patient assessment, hemodialysis, home hemodialysis, intradialytic parenteral nutrition, lab value analysis, peritoneal dialysis, self-care, drugs to avoid, transplant, vascular access, renal patient basics, and water and dialysate safety.  Find the courses at .

What to Do While You’re on Dialysis?

We’ve put our latest patient flyer/poster onto the Network website, at .  The June poster is on “Passing the Time While on Dialysis,” and tallies recommendations from patients who are on the Network’s Learning and Action Network.  Making the effort to keep yourself entertained or otherwise engaged – or to catch up on your sleep or meditation – while you’re on dialysis will help you enjoy staying “just a little bit longer.”  When you stay for your full sessions, you’ll feel better for the rest of the week, and have fewer health emergencies.  To find out more about the Network Learning and Action Networks, see .