What to Do While You’re on Dialysis?

We’ve put our latest patient flyer/poster onto the Network website, at https://www.nwrn.org/patients-a-family/ptedres/mon.html .  The June poster is on “Passing the Time While on Dialysis,” and tallies recommendations from patients who are on the Network’s Learning and Action Network.  Making the effort to keep yourself entertained or otherwise engaged – or to catch up on your sleep or meditation – while you’re on dialysis will help you enjoy staying “just a little bit longer.”  When you stay for your full sessions, you’ll feel better for the rest of the week, and have fewer health emergencies.  To find out more about the Network Learning and Action Networks, see https://www.nwrn.org/providers-and-professional-staff/ptcenter/lanstaff.html .

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