Notify Network of Operational Difficulties or Other Changes


One of the Network’s contractual  functions is to help coordinate disaster relief, and make sure every ESRD patient continues to receive treatment.  FEMA and the media are reporting:

  • Rampant wind damage, power outages, road closures, and flooding from yesterday’s storm in Washington and Oregon west of the Cascades and north of Florence
  • Continuing flooding concern about the Snohomish River at Monroe and Snohomish, the Snoqualmie at Carnation, and the Skokomish at Potlatch, with the Skagit, Chehalis, and other western Washington and northwest Oregon rivers also flagged
  • Winter storm warnings for western Montana and central Idaho as the storm moves inland
  • Winter weather advisories for eastern Idaho, and the Cascades north and south of Hood River
  • High wind warnings remaining for central Oregon; northeast Oregon, southwest Washington, and neighboring Idaho; and most of Montana
  • A variety of warnings for many parts of Alaska
  • Mudslide danger in the areas of last summer’s wildfires
  • Possible continuing heavy rain for coastal Oregon and Southwest Washington over the next several days

Please remember to report to the Network as soon as possible any changes to your facility’s operational status or accessibility for patients to get treatment.  To report your operational status to the Network:

Please don’t forget to also notify the Network when conditions return to normal at your facility.

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