8/15 DFC/DFR Comments Due

QDFC-Preview for October 2016 reports and FY2017 DFRs will be available to Networks and facilities beginning July 15, 2016 on the secure website, https://www.DialysisData.org .  Facilities can preview reports and submit questions about the data reported in their QDFC preview report and DFR, including comments for State Surveyors, until August 15, 2016.  All comments, inquiries, and questions must be submitted using the required comment forms:

  • DFC Comment for CMS
  • DFR Comment for State Surveyor
  • DFR Comment for UM-KECC

Via https://www.DialysisData.org .  Only authenticated users who have been granted permission to submit DFC and DFR comments by their dialysis data website Master Account Holder will be able to perform this action.

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