SC Sept Patient Support Meetings

September 2016 patient support meetings in southern California are listed by date below.  For details on the meeting, location, and who to call for more information, see .  Meetings are sorted by County on this web page, so we’ve added the County name after each city.  We abbreviate support group as “SG.”

  • September 1, Apple Valley (San Bernardino), Caring for the Caregiver SG
  • September 3, San Luis Obispo (SLO), Central Coast Kidney Foundation
  • September 6, Loma Linda (San Bernardino), Kidney/Pancreas SG, in English
  • September 7, La Jolla (San Diego), Scripps Liver/Kidney SG
  • September 9, Loma Linda, in Spanish (San Bernardino) Kidney/Pancreas SG
  • September 10: 
    • Lake Forest (Orange), Saddleback Church Kidney SG
    • Riverside (Riverside), Kaiser Riverside PD SG
  • September 11, Culver City (LA), Westside Kidney SG
  • September 13:
    • Orange (Orange), UCI Kidney Transplant SG
    • Victorville (San Bernardino), Dialysis SG
  • September 14, Visalia (Tulare), Valley Renal SG
  • September 18, Glendale (LA), Renal Support Network Patient Education Meeting; see for details 
  • September 20, Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara), SG for Organ Transplant Patients
  • September 22, Santa Maria (Santa Barbara), Dialysis Patient SG
  • September 25, Glendale (LA), Renal Support Network
  • September 27, Victorville (San Bernardino), Dialysis SG

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