10/6 KCER What-If Campaign

The Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition is holding a “What If…Emergency Awareness Campaign,” encouraging dialysis patients to assess their level of preparedness, improve their ability to remain safe in an emergency, and engage with their care team to learn more about disaster preparedness in the facility.  Participating is easy, and faciliies can select the best way to share Campaign resources and provide education to patients.

The Campaign will consider situations where there is no transportation, no phones, no power, and no dialysis facility. Find information at http://www.kcercoalition.com/contentassets/9b8fdc32e44c4fbe9e78dc7dde37cd42/kcer_what-if_campaign-overview-flyer_final_508.pdf and http://www.kcercoalition.com/en/patients/what-if…campaign/and register your facility in the Campaign at http://www.kcercoalition.com/contentassets/e8d8d02b05fc4d25b51272b1d33b0cac/kcer_what-if_facility-registration-form_final_508.pdf .

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