3/28 HIPAA and Mobile Technology

HealthInsight’s HIPAA Privacy and Security Solutions (PASS) and Mountain-Pacific Quality Health’s Health Technology Services will present a free March 28, 2017 webinar on Mobile Technology Meets HIPAA Compliance.  Mobile technologies have created regulatory challenges that will only continue to increase.  Securing mobile technologies is a top priority, with a reported 90 percent of health care providers utilizing mobile devices and security experts warning of significant risks to their organizations.  The webinar will discuss the latest threats and newest technologies designed to boost your security efforts and safeguard your organization from becoming the next easy target.  Find more information and register at http://healthinsight.org/hipaapass#events .

The website also includes links to recorded versions of previous free HealthInsight HIPAA PASS webinars on:

  • How to Meet Breach Notification Requirements
  • How to Respond to a HIPAA Breach
  • Preparing for a HIPAA Audit
  • Introduction to Essential Steps for HIPAA Compliance Webinar
  • Introduction to Building and Governing Your HIPAA Compliance Program
  • Enforcement, Breach Notification and Business Associates

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