NW16 Heat Wave 7/30-8/5

This week, temperatures are expected to exceed 110°F in Southwestern Oregon, and exceed 100°F in: the I-5 corridor from Olympia south, other normally hotter areas in Western Washington and Oregon, and much of Eastern Oregon and Washington.  The heat is forecast to begin on July 30, 2017 in Southwestern Oregon, and on August 1 or 2, 2017 in the other areas indicated.  In many areas it is expected to be hotter than it has ever been in recorded history, and very dry, with high fire danger.  For the predicted timing in your specific area, click on your location on the map at http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-122.85889512632667&lat=42.34189190003943#.WX2J04U_fH8 .

Networks are required by CMS to track the status of facility operations and patient access to treatment during emergency events.  If the operations of your facility, or ability for patients to have access to dialysis are impacted by emergency events of any kind, please let your Network know right away.  For Network 16, contact Lisa Hall at LHall@nw16.esrd.net or 206-923-0714.  We also ask that you fill out and submit the Network Disaster Reporting Form, which you can find at https://nwrn.org/files/E/Interruptions.pdf .

Patients and facility staff may find these resources useful:

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