New Emergency Preparedness Rule

The November 2017 issue of Network 16 News focuses on the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule for dialysis facilities.  The Rule requires two exercises per year, one of which must be full-scale.  The other can be what they’re calling a “table-top” exercise, or a disaster-response simulation.  The bulk of the News issue describes a sample table-top exercise.  The Question Corner deals with what State Surveyors will look for when assessing facility compliance with the Rule.

Another article advises that you need to know your facility’s “CCN” or CMS Certification Number.  This 6-digit number uniquely identifies your facility, and avoids the confusion of multiple or ambiguous facility names.  For instance, in CROWNWeb there are facilities that have entered their facility name as “Fresenius Medical Care” and “Pacific Northwest Renal.”  If a facility reported a name like this during a disaster, rather than their CCN, the Network would have to call fifty facilities to find the one with the emergency.

November’s News also flags the March 8-9, 2018 NWRD Annual Conference in Spokane and the April 11-14, 2018 NKF Spring Clinical Meetings in Texas in the “Hot Dates” section.  See our Facility Calendar at for more information on these and other dates.

Current and historical Network 16 News issues are online at .

KCER Newsletter 11/17

KCER has published their KCER Watch November Newsletter.  Topics include:

  • Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercises
  • November was Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month
  • Flu Shot Timing
  • Winter Storm Season Safety Tips
  • Federal Aid Claims

Find the November issue at, and past (and future) issues at .

11/30 CW Town Hall

The topic for the November 30, 2017 CROWNWeb Town Hall will be What’s Coming to CROWNWeb and Understanding Role and Scope.  Among other things, the audio presentation will include information on the new Ultrafiltration Screen and the Security Official Role for CROWNWeb.  No phone lines will be required, as the meeting will be streamed live over the internet.  For more information and to register see .

IHS ESRD Reduction

Over the last two decades the US Indian Health Service has reduced kidney failure from diabetes by more than half among Native Americans, using a suite of seven protocols that are summarized at .

NW16 Patient Advisory Committee

Northwest Renal Network (ESRD Network 16) has published the November edition of its patient newsletter, Consumer NewsThis issue features a Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) Member Spotlight, and includes an invitation for patients to join the PAC.  If you have any interest, or if you have questions, contact Lisa Hall at 800-262-1514 or .  Find the newsletter and PAC invitation on the Network website at .

CDC Flu Vaccine Resources

CDC vaccination recommendations for the 2017-18 influenza season can be found at .  Find additional CDC resources at and .

CDC and Medscape also present a continuing education (ACCME and ANCC) opportunity on these recommendations; see .

11/21 Patients as Hostages WIHI

IHI will present a free November 21, 2017 “WIHI” audio program on When Patients Feel as Powerless as Hostages.  For full details see .

12/31+ NW16 NWRD Conference

Northwest Renal Dietitians has published the following dates for their March 8-9, 2018 Annual Conference in Spokane WA:

Topics will include the gut microbiome, hyperkalemia, KDIGO Guideline updates, vegetarian and vegan renal diets, and more.  Find the Conference announcement that you can send to your colleagues at .

11/17+ PPS PY2018, QualityNet News

The QualityNet Secure Portal may be temporarily unavailable between 5 p.m. PST Friday November 17, 2017 and 3:00 am PST on Monday November 20, to allow for required maintenance.

QualityNet has also added a new QIP PY2018 subsection to their website, which includes Frequently Asked Questions, PY2018 Guide to PSRs, PY2018 Facility User Manual, and PY2018 Facility User Quick Start Guide.  Find these resources at .

CMS PPS/AKI CY2018 Update

CMS has published an update to Publication 100-02, Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 11, section 50, on “Implementation of Changes in the ESRD PPS and Payment for Dialysis Furnished for AKI in ESRD Facilities for CY2018,” dated November 3, 2017.  Find the document at .