2/15+ OPSC Infection Prevention Courses

The Oregon Patient Safety Commission will present a four-hour course February 15, 2019 in Portland on Infection Prevention 102 for Outpatient Settings.  This course will be repeated on June 14, 2019.  Infection Prevention 101 will also be offered on April 12, 2019.  The 102 course will be aimed toward setting up a formal program for infection control.  To sign up for it you do not need to have taken the 101 course, which introduces infection control processes.  Details and registration for both can be found at https://oregonpatientsafety.org/news-events/events/infection-prevention-101-and-102-for-medical-clinics/923/.

OPSC’s three-hour Eighth Annual Oregon Patient Safety Event will be held in Portland on March 15, 2019.  The topic will be Nurturing a Culture of Psychological Safety in Healthcare Organizations.  Continuing education credits are offered for physicians and nurses.  For details and registration see https://oregonpatientsafety.org/news-events/events/8th-annual-oregon-patient-safety-event/930/.

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