Notify Network of Emergencies

Winter is arriving early in some Network 16 locations, and CMS requires all ESRD Networks to track the status of facility operations, and patient access to treatment, during emergency events at all facilities.  If the operations of your facility, or ability for patients to have access to dialysis, are impacted by emergency events, please let your Network know right away.

  • For Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska (Network 16), contact Lisa Hall at 206-923-0714, or by email at  We also ask that you fill out and submit the Network Disaster Reporting Form at (Network 18 will forward it back to Network 16).

You are reminded never to put PHI or PII in an email or online form.  Examples include patient name or initials, birthdate, SSN, and other identifying information.

NW16 11/6 CNSW Fall Meeting Portland

The CNSW OR-SW WA Chapter will host a half-day Fall Clinical Nephrology Social Work Meeting on November 6, 2019 in Portland OR.  Speakers will present on disability rights, the Senior Loneliness Line, and the 2-1-1 Helpline.  There will be no CEUs offered for this meeting, but lunch is included, the speakers are excellent, and the networking opportunity is priceless.  Find details, agenda, and registration information at

10/14 Technician/Technologist Appreciation Week

The National Association of Nephrology Technicians/Technologists has announced that National Dialysis Technician Recognition Week for NCTs and NBTs will span October 14-19, 2019.  While pointing out that recognition should be an ongoing part of anyone’s employment, the NANT announcement includes many suggestions for giving your hard-working “Techs” special recognition during “their” week.  Find the announcement at

9/26 CROWNWeb Town Hall

CROWNWeb has announced their September Town Hall meeting, and it’s tomorrow, September 26, 2019.  The topic will be New CROWNWeb System Enhancements, and Introduction of their new “Deep Dive Series” by way of discussion of PART Verification and Clinical Data Submission.  Find more information and register at

NW16 9/21 Free Patient Workshop on Modalities

Home Dialyzors United, Comagine Health ESRD Network 16, and other sponsors will present a free September 21, 2019 all-day patient educational meeting on home dialysis and transplant in Puyallup WA, called Going Home, Staying Home.  The meeting will include sessions on patient priorities, home modalities, patient safety at home, how the Network can help, a panel on transplants, and a real-time support group.  For details see these resources:

September Is Sepsis Awareness Month

In a new Safe Healthcare blog post at, CDC’s Dr. Denise Cardo highlights efforts to protect patients from #SEPSIS and how CDC’s partners in healthcare have impacted this work.  Dr. Cardo also includes many links to useful resources for combatting sepsis.  Join the conversation on Twitter or on the Safe Healthcare blog itself, and spread the word.  It could save a life.  #SAM2019