12/19 CROWNWeb Town Hall, Newsletter

CROWNWeb will hold their next Town Hall on December 19, 3019 on Understanding the Payment Year 2020 ESRD QIP Final Performance Score ReportRegister at https://mycrownweb.org/pcw_community_events/december-2019-town-hall/.

The December CROWNWeb Newsletter is also now available, at https://mycrownweb.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/CROWNWeb-Newsletter-October-2019-2.png.  The lead article reviews 2019 and previews 2020, and announces upcoming CROWNWeb modifications on medication reconciliation, ICH CAHPS, and Depression Screening/Followup.  The Newsletter also includes its usual tables of Clinical Closing dates and extensive links to Resources, and a preview of CROWNWeb events in 2020, including (updated 12/31/19):

  • New User Trainings will move to the third Tuesday of each month (January 21, 2020).
  • CROWNWeb Town Halls will be held on the third Thursday of each month (except in January it will be the fourth Thursday, January 30, 2020).
  • Training for Medication Reconciliation (January 9 and 23), ICH CAHPS and Depression Screening (January 16), and the new HARP (HCPIS Access Roles and Profile) account management application (at the January 30 Town Hall) will also be held in January.
  • Training for 2744 will be held in Spring 2020, date tba.

Recall: Baxter AKI Prismaflex Control Unit

The FDA has announced Class II recalls of Baxter Prismaflex Control Units for AKI Recovery (https://www.baxter.com/healthcare-professionals/critical-care/prismaflex-system-critical-care) with software versions below 7.21 because of communication errors that may interrupt or delay therapy or result in blood loss.  Product Codes and Lot Numbers recalled include:

Recall: BD Trialysis Catheter

The FDA has announced a recall of 13 Fr. Trialysis Catheter with Alphacurve. Catalog No. 5653150 UDI 00801741066023 Power-Trialysis Short-Term Alphacurve Dialysis Catheter with a third internal lumen for IV therapy, power injection of contrast media, and central venous pressure monitoring, because labeled catheter size may be incorrect.  For details see https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/ires/index.cfm?Product=176672.

Home Dialysis Patient Stories

Two posts on home dialysis from the Medical Education Institute’s Home Dialysis Central blog:

A patient tells his story about Facing and Overcoming Needle Fear to Dialyize at Home, at https://homedialysis.org/news-and-research/blog/331-facing-and-overcoming-needle-fear-to-dialyze-at-home.

A second patient compares his experience with both peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis, at https://homedialysis.org/news-and-research/blog/335-pd-vs-home-hemo-initial-impressions.

RSN re Preventing Transplant Rejection

The Renal Support Network has added a new podcast on Understanding and Preventing Transplant Rejection, featuring an immunologist talking about antibodies and their impact on transplant decisions and graft rejection.  Find the audio at https://www.rsnhope.org/kidneytalk/understanding-and-preventing-transplant-rejection/.

12/4+ NHSN Webinar on 2020 Dialysis Component

NHSN will host a one-hour webinar titled NHSN Dialysis Surveillance Call on December 4, 2019, and repeat it on December 5, both at noon PST, that will detail updates to the NHSN Dialysis Component for 2020.  Pre-register for one or the other at the links below:

Use the same links to join the webinars at showtime.  Because Q&A time is limited, NHSN asks that if you have unanswered questions after the webinar, email their helpdesk at nhsn@cdc.gov with “Dialysis” in the subject line, and they will follow up with you directly.