CMS FAQ Sheet on COVID-19 Extraordinary Exceptions

CMS has released a FAQ Sheet on Extraordinary Circumstances Exceptions Policy as a resource to answer questions related to the COVID-19 Exceptions and Extensions that were outlined in the March 27, 2020 COVID-19 Quality Reporting Programs Guidance Memo.  Find a summary of the Guidance and a link to the FAQ sheet at

6/3 AAKP HealthLine on COVID-19, Kidneys, and Diet

AAKP wll present a June 3, 2020 HealthLine webinar on Nutrition and COVID-19: The Importance of Keeping It Kidney Friendly, an educational webinar featuring healthcare professionals and patient experts on how to select the proper kidney-friendly foods and stay your healthiest during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Register at  Find more information about AAKP HealthLine, including recordings of previous webinars, at

5/29 AAKP HealthLine on COVID-19 and Mental Health

AAKP will present a May 29, 2020 HealthLine webinar on Mental Health Management During COVID-19: Staying Connected while Staying at Home.  Register at  This website also includes links to recordings of other COVID-19 HeathLine webinars, and to other AAKP resources on COVID-19 and other issues.

AAKP Webinar on VA’s Response to COVID-19

AAKP has recorded a webinar by the Director of the Veterans Health Administration National Kidney Program, the Chair of the AAKP Veterans Health Initiative, and an AAKP Board Member in the US Army Medical Corps, discussing important information for veterans who have CKD about what the VA is doing in response to COVID-19.  Find the webinar at

KDIGO-ISN Video Series

KDIGO has released a series of recorded webinars and other presentations from their collaboration with the International Society of Nephrology, including videos of:

  • Update on CKD Mineral Bone Disorder KDIGO Guidelines 2017
  • Diagnosis and Management of Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure in Patients with CKD
  • The Kidney and HIV: Implications for Treatment and Prevention
  • Hepatitis C Guideline Update
  • Dialysis Initiation, Modality Choice, & Prescription
  • Coronary Artery & Valvular Diseases
  • Blood Pressure in CKD
  • Glomerular Disease
  • AKI in 2019: What Has Changed since the KDIGO Guidelines in 2012?
  • Blood Pressure and Volume Management in Dialysis
  • Potassium Controversies
  • Kidney Problems in Oncology
  • Clinical Practice Guideline on the Management of Blood Pressure in CKD
  • Kidney Transplantation and Cardiac Disease
  • Clinical Practice Guideline: Diabetes Management in CKD

They plan to add at least four more this year.  Find them all on the KDIGO-ISN YouTube Channel at

5/26+ COVID-19 Weekly Webinars

A number of organizations are hosting weekly webinars on COVID-19.  These include:

  • ESRD NCC half-hour “Quickinars” for providers and patients.   Find more information, recordings of past Quickinars, and register for current presentations at
      • Tuesday May 26, 2020 patient Quickinar on Combating Uncertainty and Fear in the COVID-19 Era (En Español), presented by a PD patient, Network Ambassador, and patient and family engagement SME.  She will share how Spanish-speaking patients are coping with fears surrounding COVID-19, and Provide links to COVID-19 information in Spanish.
      • Wednesday May 27, 2020 provider Quickinar on COVID-19 Communication – Quick Tips to Connect, presented by the Director of Outreach and Development for the non-profit Academy of Communication in Healthcare, Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Patient Experience, and Assistant Clinical Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

5/22+ PFCC Webinar re Patient-Family Engagement

Patient & Family Centered Care Partners will present a May 22, 2020 online workshop on Patient Family Engagement During a Pandemic, highlighting the many benefits of engaging Patient Family Advisors into a pandemic response.  Find more information at  PFCCpartners holds these workshops monthly.  Find archived earlier workshops at  Register for the May 22 or future workshops at

5/20 AAKP HealthLine on Telemedicine

AAKP will present a May 20, 2020 HealthLine webinar on Telemedicine Utilization in the COVID-19 Era: What Patients Should Know, featuring two nephrologists, a transplant MD, a patient engagement specialist, and two patient SMEs.  Find details and register at  For more information on AAKP HealthLine, see