The HealthInsight ESRD Alliance is a private, not-for-profit corporation independent of any dialysis company, individual unit, or transplant center.  Our mission is to promote optimal dialysis and transplant care for kidney patients in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington (ESRD Network 16: Northwest Renal Network), and Southern California (ESRD Network 18 of Southern California).  Funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services, we help coordinate the collection and analysis of data on patients enrolled in the Medicare ESRD program, serve as an information resource, and monitor the quality of care given to dialysis and transplant patients in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California.  The HealthInsight ESRD Alliance is a subsidiary of HealthInsight, a nonprofit community-based health care consulting organization.  For more information, please see https://www.nwrn.orghttp://www.esrdnetwork18.org/ and http://healthinsight.org/ .

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For information about the availability of auxiliary aids and services, please visit: http://www.medicare.gov/about-us/nondiscrimination/nondiscrimination-notice.html.  For alternative formats of Network materials, please see https://nwrnbulletins.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/americans-with-disabilities-act/.

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  1. Hi Astrid,
    Thanks for your inquiry!
    Your email address looks good on our WordPress subscriber list, so you might want to talk to the folks who operate your corporate email server. Email servers (software on the corporate network) often routinely delete messages that arrive with multiple recipients (I haven’t checked to see how many other people from your organization are subscribers, but there must be at least some), on the theory that they may be spam. So you may have to get your corporate IT people to specifically allow these emails through.
    Another approach is to add “comment-reply@wordpress.com” to your email address book; that sometimes works. If you have a “Junk Mail” mailbox on your email client (software on your own computer or terminal), these emails may be shunted there if they’re from senders who aren’t in your address book.
    And yet another is to ask your colleagues at your corporation to see if they are receiving the bulletins, and if so, if they’ve done anything special to get them.
    If none of those approaches work, and you have a “home” email address, you can try subscribing from there. You can also try unsubscribing and then subscribing again, but I doubt that that would change anything. We can’t do much from here other than verify that your email address looks good on the WordPress subscriber list, as WordPress subscriptions must come from the subscriber.
    Let me know whether any of those approaches work, in case we get similar questions from others.
    –Jim Buss, Data Analyst, Northwest Renal Network

  2. I am curious about being on dialysis instead of getting a transplant. I ask because I am 62 years old and on dialysis for about 6 months But because I am fat I will not be allowed to get a transplant. Also my mother got a transplant when she was 80 years old and lived for 5 years. The medication you have to take after a transplant made her sick and she passed away. So I realize I am not a candidate, but is it worth fighting for?

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