RSN KidneyTalk Podcasts

The Renal Support Network has recently published audio podcasts for patients on:

What Is Lupus?

Transitioning to Home Dialysis –

Bacteria VS. Virus

Assessing Your Kidney Transplant Health

Innovations in Kidney Care

A Double-Transplant Survivor’s Story

Understanding the Five Stages of Kidney Disease

Covid-19 and Organ Donation

Tips to Help the Search for a Living Kidney Donor

5/14 AAKP HealthLine on SHPT

AAKP will present a May 14, 2019 webinar on Understanding Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) – What is it?  How can it be managed?  Register at  Future HealthLine webinars will discuss Traveling While on Dialysis in June, and Exercise and Physical Rehabilitation in July.  AAKP’s HealthLine page at includes a link to their long list of past HealthLine webinars.