CROWNWeb November Newsletter

CROWNWeb (“CW”) has released the November edition of the CROWNWeb Newsletter.  In it you’ll find articles on their new Community of Practice series detailing best practices collected from the 20,000 authorized CW users, on CW online training, on the CW Admit Patient and CW Initial 2728 Worksheets, on Clinical Closures, and they also announce the November 12, 2019 New User Training.  Find the Newsletter at

10/15 CROWNWeb Training, Newsletter

CROWNWeb has scheduled their current New User Training for October 15, 2019.  Find details and register at  They’ve also published their October Newsletter, EQRS CROWNWeb News, at, featuring articles on Masked SSNs and HICNUMs, “Are You Doing Your PART,” and Clinical Closures, along with the usual long list of links to helpful resources.  They’re still referring to the September Town Hall webinar, but lists recordings of previous webinars, and will probably eventually announce an October Town Hall as well.  They usually occur late in the month.

Transplant CoP Changes

Modifications to the Conditions of Participation for kidney transplant programs (formerly transplant centers) have been published in the Federal Register for September 30, 2019.  They will take effect on November 29, 2019.  The primary change is that an approved transplant program will no longer be required to submit outcome data for periodic re-approval.  The modifications are summarized by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons at, and detailed in the Federal Register at, pp.51748-50.

Notify Network of Emergencies

Winter is arriving early in some Network 16 locations, and CMS requires all ESRD Networks to track the status of facility operations, and patient access to treatment, during emergency events at all facilities.  If the operations of your facility, or ability for patients to have access to dialysis, are impacted by emergency events, please let your Network know right away.

  • For Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska (Network 16), contact Lisa Hall at 206-923-0714, or by email at  We also ask that you fill out and submit the Network Disaster Reporting Form at (Network 18 will forward it back to Network 16).

You are reminded never to put PHI or PII in an email or online form.  Examples include patient name or initials, birthdate, SSN, and other identifying information.