1/19+ January EQRS Newsletter

CMS has issued the January EQRS News, featuring articles on the specifications required for computers used to access EQRS, PY2021 PSRs and PSCs, the lack of PART verification in EQRS, the ICH CAHPS Attestation, Clinical Closure deadlines, and the usual useful links to more information about EQRS and its environment, including the announcement of New User Training on January 19, 2021. If it’s required, the ICH CAHPS Attestation must be completed by March 1, 2021. Clinical Closure deadlines for September, October, and November 2020 have been extended to February 1, 2021. Find the January issue at https://mycrownweb.org/2020/12/january-2021-newsletter/, and a compendium of online EQRS, HARP, and QIP training resources at https://mycrownweb.org/education/.

1/12 CMS Webinar on CY2021 QIP

CMS will present an 11am PST January 12, 2021 webinar on the CY2021 (PY2023 and 2024) ESRD QIP Final Rule, and has promised to send out registration and login information next week. For more information on the CY2021 QIP, see https://www.cms.gov/files/document/esrd-qip-cy-2021-proposed-rule-final.pdf and https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/11/09/2020-24485/medicare-program-end-stage-renal-disease-prospective-payment-system-payment-for-renal-dialysis.

Possible New QIP Measures

CMS is in the process of deciding which new measures to add to its Quality programs. For the ESRD QIP, measures under consideration include in-center patient Coronavirus vaccination coverage, health care personnel Coronavirus vaccination coverage, and Standardized Hospitalization Ratio. For details see https://www.cms.gov/files/document/measures-under-consideration-list-2020-report.pdf – suggested new ESRD measures are summarized on p.82. Measures under consideration are being sent to the National Quality Forum’s Measure Applications Partnership (https://www.qualityforum.org/map/). After the “MAP” has evaluated them, measures still under consideration will be published in the Federal Register for public comment sometime after February 1, 2021.

Navigating EQRS Bottleneck

Upcoming EQRS Service Center (nee Help Desk) Hold Times

Due to EQRS Clinical data deadlines being extended and the annual 2744 report, the EQRS Service Center is expecting an increase in volume of calls and emails between January 4 and March 31, 2021, resulting in longer wait times. CMS recommends the following to minimize wait times and ensure successful data submission:

Use a Single Method to Report Issues— Due to the increase in volume at the Service Center, and to minimize backlog of contacts, please use only one method of reporting for the same issue – either email or phone. Cases are processed in the order received regardless of the manner in which the Service Center was contacted. Please allow time for processing.

Submit Your Data Early— We encourage you to submit your monthly clinical data early, if possible. Early submission will allow you plenty of time for Service Center assistance if needed.

Call the Service Center at Off-Peak Hours— We strongly recommend calling the Service Center during off-peak hours, before 7am or after 11am PST.

For additional information on EQRS please visit https://www.mycrownweb.org for guides and instructional materials that may answer your question and keep you from waiting on hold for extended periods. Contact the EQRS Program at 866-288-8912, Monday through Friday, 5am-5pm PST, or by e-mail at qnetsupport-esrd@hcqis.org.  Customers who are hearing impaired can dial 711 to be connected to a TRS Communications Assistant.  Please have information available about the specific issue you are calling about, such as CCN, patient UPI, or MBI number to better assist you. Wait times are usually longer between 7am and 11am PST.

12/24 PY2021 QIP Final PSRs/PSCs Now Online

PY 2021 Final PSR

The PY 2021 Final PSR documents your facility’s performance during 2019 and any payment reduction that CMS will impose for reimbursement on 2021 claims. The Final PSR reflects any applicable revisions to your facility’s performance scores from those displayed during the Preview Period.

Post Your PY 2021 PSC Before December 24, 2020

Each facility is required to download, print, and post both the English and Spanish versions of the PSC in a prominent patient area within 15 business days of their availability; facilities also must ensure that these documents remain posted throughout 2021.

Save Your Facility’s Documents

PY 2021 Final PSRs and PSCs will only be available on EQRS until December 31, 2020. We encourage each facility to save an electronic copy of their Final PSR and PSC for reference, reprinting, and reposting throughout the year should the need arise. Facilities who fail to save a copy by December 31, 2020 can request an additional copy by email from the QualityNet Help Desk but should expect a delay in receiving the requested documentation.

If You Have Questions

For further information on how to access and understand your reports, please refer to the PY 2021 supporting documents available on the ESRD QIP Resources page at https://qualitynet.cms.gov/esrd/esrdqip/resources#tab2. For assistance regarding the information contained in this message, please contact the ESRD QIP Support Team using the ESRD QIP Q&A Tool at https://cmsqualitysupport.servicenowservices.com/qnet_qa. If you have questions or concerns regarding use of EQRS, please contact the QualityNet Help Desk at qnetsupport-esrd@hcqis.org or 866-288-8912 (5am-5pm PST Monday-Friday).

12/15+ EQRS New User Training, Town Hall

EQRS will present a December 15, 2020 EQRS New User Training. Find more information and register at https://mycrownweb.org/pcw_lems/december-2020-new-user-training/.

EQRS will also present a December 17, 2020 Town Hall on Understanding the ESRD QIP Final Performance Score Report. Find more information and register at https://mycrownweb.org/pcw_community_events/december-2020-town-hall/.

EQRS has also published their December 2020 EQRS Newsletter, at https://mycrownweb.org/2020/11/december-2020-newsletter/. Contents include (1) Extension of the clinical submission deadline for September 2020 data to January 4, 2021. October data continues to be due by January 4, and November data by February 1, 2021, (2) Details on what services are available from the QualityNet Service Desk and the ESRD Networks, and how to access them, and (3) The useful list of valuable EQRS links and resources that you’ll recognize from CROWNWeb days.

12/1 DFC Becomes Care Compare

Making its debut December 1, 2020, Dialysis Facility Compare (DFC) has been expanded and combined with other Medicare quality comparison websites, and will now be called Care Compare. Find it at https://www.medicare.gov/care-compare/. Find an introduction to Care Compare at https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/press-releases/cms-care-compare-empowers-patients-when-making-important-health-care-decisions.