7/1 CMS: COVID-19 QIP Exceptions Expire

In a July 16, 2020 email, CMS  “would like to inform the ESRD QIP community that the COVID-19 exceptions granted under the March 27, 2020 CMS Memo have ended.  Therefore, Quality Reporting Requirements for Renal Dialysis Facilities should resume effective July 1, 2020.”  They’ve updated the Exceptions Fact Sheet accordingly, and answered new questions addressing the Composite Kt/V measure, hypercalcemia, and isolation facilities.  Find it at https://qualitynet.org/files/5f0da6ccb8112700239dca2c?filename=ESRD_QIP_COVID19_FAQs_071420.pdf.  Direct questions to the QualityNet Q&A form at https://cmsqualitysupport.servicenowservices.com/qnet_qa?id=ask_a_question.  The original March 27 Memo can be found at https://www.cms.gov/files/document/guidance-memo-exceptions-and-extensions-quality-reporting-and-value-based-purchasing-programs.pdf.

CMS FAQ Sheet on COVID-19 Extraordinary Exceptions

CMS has released a FAQ Sheet on Extraordinary Circumstances Exceptions Policy as a resource to answer questions related to the COVID-19 Exceptions and Extensions that were outlined in the March 27, 2020 COVID-19 Quality Reporting Programs Guidance Memo.  Find a summary of the Guidance and a link to the FAQ sheet at https://www.qualitynet.org/esrd/esrdqip/participation#tab4.