Grievance Toolkit in Spanish

The National Forum of ESRD Networks has created a Spanish version of its new Dialysis Patient Grievance Toolkit.  Find it at .  It joins the catalog of Forum Medical Advisory Council (MAC) and Patient Toolkits, which now include:

  • Home Dialysis
  • Transitions of Care
  • Medical Director
  • QAPI
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Catheter Reduction
  • Assurance of Diabetes Care Coordination
  • Vaccination

Find them all, along with the MAC Speaker’s Bureau Brochure, at .

NW 1/20 ANNA Renal Update

ANNA Greater Puget Sound Chapter 503 will host the Renal Update 2017 conference in Lynnwood WA on March 2-3, 2017.  Topics include htn, hospitalization reduction, medical marijuana, vascular access, peritonitis, poverty, living donation, pediatric PD and AKI, ethics, dialysis outcomes, Ca/PO4/PTH, and challenging personalities.  There will be no on-site or mail-in registration, so registration must be completed online by 11:30 pm PST on February 23, 2017.  There is a discount for registration completed before 11:30 pm PST January 20, 2017.  For the full agenda and registration details, see .

Communication Mini-Course

The Heartland Kidney Network of Kansas City has added the fifth and last colorful poster on essential elements of communication to their excellent short course called Heartland Huddle Up to Improve Communication.  This one is on Respect, joining the earlier pages on Active Listening, Body Language, Emotional Awareness, and Words Matter.  Find them all at .

Communication Mini-Course

The Heartland Kidney Network of Kansas City has an excellent short course on communication on their website called Heartland Huddle Up to Improve Communication, consisting of several colorful graphic one-page summaries of the essentials of different aspects of communication, that can be used as posters.  So far they’ve covered Active Listening, Body Language, Emotional Awareness, and Words Matter, and next month they’ll add Show Respect.  Find them all at .

NW 9/14 ANNA Fall Workshop (Seattle, 9/24) Registration Deadline

ANNA Greater Puget Sound Chapter #503 will hold their 2016 Fall Workshop in Seattle WA on September 24, 2016.  However, in honor of Nephrology Nurses Week, you must pre-register by September 14, 2016.  Topics include hepatitis, adult learning principles, cannulation, holiday diet, difficult patients, and screening for depression.  For details and registration see .

Nephrology Nurses Week is September 11-17 this year.  For more information, a poster, an online toolkit, and suggestions for celebrating the occasion, see .

Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are a concept that confuses most people at first.  The March issue of Network 16 News includes an excellent list of suggestions on how one might approach behavior that offends facility staff or patients, to defuse situations that could otherwise escalate into greater discomfort and animosity.  We’ve added this issue to the Network 16 website at .

Empathy and Patient Care

We’ve added the May issue of Network 16 News, on “Empathy: A Prerequisite to Patient Centered Care,” to the Network 16 website.  Empathy is hard to define, yet research shows it to be the key to any healing relationship.  This News issue includes an excellent introduction to Empathy, and two great links to additional resources.  It also has reminders about the Portland Kidney Group and NKF’s Summer Kidney Wellness Fair & Picnic August 28, and the AAKP’s National Patient Meeting in Nashville September 23-25; click on “Patient Calendar” above for more information about these.  Find all of our Network 16 News issues at .