NW Network Council Call Recordings

A recording of the January 9, 2017 Network Council Call has been placed on the Northwest Renal Network website, along with a pdf of the slides from the webinar.  The call described the current Network contract structure and obligations, with emphasis on this year’s Quality Improvement Activities and CROWNWeb requirements and protocols.  Find the recording at https://healthinsight.adobeconnect.com/p6sn4hjkmow/?proto=true and the slides at https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/nwrn.org/files/qia/2017/2017NW16NetworkCouncilPresentationFinal.pdf .

NW 1/9 Network Coordination

The December issue of Network 16 News, Northwest Renal Network’s newsletter for ESRD facilities, lists the services that Networks provide as a partner, resource, and asset for facilities.  Find a copy at https://www.nwrn.org/providers-and-professional-staff/nw16n.html .

The issue includes announcement of registration for the January 9, 2017 NWRN Network Council Call at http://www.yourconferencecenter.com/r.aspx?p=1&a=UsZwfoqVWpUKNr .  Note that the code is UsZwfoqVWpUKNr, with a q (lower case Q) in the middle; some versions of the printed News had a g in the middle instead.  

“The Question Corner” question in this edition is about patients who haven’t been seen for thirty days.  “Hot Dates” include:

AAKP Recognition

Network 16 recently attended the American Association of Kidney Patients national meeting in Nashville, TN.  NW16 Patient Services Director Lisa Hall, MSSW, LICSW received the prestigious Samuel J. Orenstein Award given to an AAKP member who “consistently renders extraordinary service toward the achievement of AAKP’s goals and objectives.”  Congratulations Lisa!

Network 16 was awarded the National Patient Engagement and Advocacy Award which is given to recognize leaders in the field of kidney patient education and advocacy whose body of professional work and personal commitment advance the interests of kidney patients through policy, education or activism.  

Thank you to AAKP for this award and recognition of Network 16’s efforts in the area of patient engagement and to our patients who make this work easy!  Congratulations HealthInsight, Northwest Renal Network, and dedicated patients!

Sepsis: Patients+Staff

We’ve published Sepsis information for both Patients and Facility Staff.

Our June Patient Bulletin answers questions about what Sepsis is, its causes, who gets it, how to recognize symptoms, and what to do about it, and includes a link to an NIH website with more information in both English and Spanish.  Find the June edition at https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/nwrn.org/files/ptbulletin/NW16PtBulletion0616.pdf , and find all of our Patient Flyers/Posters at https://nwrn.org/patients-a-family/ptedres/mon.html .

Meanwhile, the June edition of Network 16 News is busy:

  • Answering the same questions from the point of view of what Facility Staff need to know about Sepsis
  • Introducing two new Network QI-and-Education Coordinators Derek Taylor, RN, and Jewel Peterman, RN, BSN
  • Including a Q&A about professionalism
  • Reminding us about the August 28, 2016 PKG/NKF Kidney Wellness Fair & Picnic in Portland, and the September 23-25 AAKP National Patient Meeting in Nashville.  

Find all of our Network 16 News issues at https://nwrn.org/providers-and-professional-staff/nw16n.html .  For more imformation about the picnic and meetings (and other events), refer to the Facility Calendar and Patient Calendar links at the top of this page.

Prevention & Medicare

We’ve added the latest issue of our patient newsletter, Network Consumer News, to the Network 16 website.  This issue is on “Staying Healthy: Medicare’s Preventive Services,” with supplementary articles on Vaccinations and news about goings-on at Network 16.  We also include a summary of what Networks can do for patients, as well as a feedback form.  Find the current Network Consumer News issue, along with the archive of earlier issues, at https://www.nwrn.org/patients-a-family/ptedres/ncn.html .

Need RN/QI Coordinator at Network 16

Dialysis Registered Nurse/ Quality Improvement Coordinator

HealthInsight is seeking a highly motivated licensed RN to work with End-Stage Renal Disease Network 16 to improve the quality of care for end stage renal disease and kidney transplant patients.

This position is located in West Seattle, Washington and will serve as quality improvement and community outreach to the renal community including patients, dialysis and transplant providers, community organizations, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and state survey agencies. Tasks will include advocating for patients, resolving/mediating patient provider conflict including clinical case review, leading contract quality projects efforts with facilities driving quality improvement through root cause analysis, intervention development, collaboration and monitoring. The position will require strong organizational skills, data analytic expertise, computer/webinar skills and competency in developing presentations for varying audiences.

Qualifications include a registered nurse with dialysis experience, quality improvement experience, and patient engagement focus. Spanish and English speaking preferred.

To apply send your cover letter and resume to shutchinson@nw16.esrd.net.

EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability

RN in Northwest – Immediate Need

Northwest Renal Network in Seattle seeks a licensed RN to act as Quality Improvement Coordinator, who will:

  • Provide education, information, and training to ESRD professionals, patients and family, and other members of the CKD/ESRD community
  • Assist with the Network’s Quality Improvement activities
  • Manage the Network’s Emergency Preparedness program, including coordination with local Emergency Response Agencies
  • Provide consultation in handling grievances

Dialysis experience preferred.  For a complete job description see https://nwrnbulletins.wordpress.com/rn-in-northwest-immediate-need/ .

2016 QI Activities

We’ve published the January issue of Network 16 News, and put a copy on the Network 16 website at https://www.nwrn.org/providers-and-professional-staff/nw16n.html .  This issue summarizes the new CMS contract requirements for Network and facility Quality Improvement Activities.  This list also applies to Network 18 and Southern California facilities.  

The eight projects include improving:

  • The grievance process
  • Patient responses to ICH CAHPS
  • Vaccination rates
  • Coordination between dialysis facilities and hospitals

and reducing:

  • Long-term catheter use
  • Blood-stream infections
  • Unplanned hospitalization
  • High serum calcium levels

The issue also includes a note on ICH CAHPS exemption attestation for the QIP, and ticklers on professional meetings February 27 (ADC in Seattle), March 3 (NWRD Conference near Portland), April 27 (NKF Spring Clinical Meetings in Boston), and May 19, 2016 (CNSW Conference near Seattle).  For more information on these, click on “Facility Calendar” in the menu at the top of this page.

New Blog Name

As regular readers know, ESRD Networks 16 and 18 now both operate under the HealthInsight banner.  Since most of our blog posts apply to all facilities equally (over 90% last month, for instance), we’ll publish one blog for facilities in both the five Northwest Renal Network states, and the Southern California Renal Network’s territory.  We’ve renamed the blog from “nwrnbulletins” to “esrdbulletins.”  We know that this blog is read in other parts of the US as well.  To make it easy for you to bypass the few emails that don’t apply to your operations, we’ll make “NW” or “SC,” respectively, the first two letters of the subject line of any post that applies only to Northwest or Southern California facilities.

Feedback is always welcome; just leave us a comment below.  Also please leave a comment if you think we’re missing anything important!

December Facility Newsletter

The December edition of the Network’s facility newsletter, Network 16 News, has been published and distributed.  You can find a copy online at https://www.nwrn.org/providers-and-professional-staff/nw16n.html.  This issue features an article on Network 16’s merger with the HealthInsight Quality Improvement Organization to form the HealthInsight ESRD Alliance, and the subsequent granting to the Alliance of new five-year contracts for the five traditional Network 16 states, and for Network 18’s Southern California service area.

It also includes notes on reporting requirements for Involuntary Discharge, and on PSC availability, and announcement of four continuing education opportunities: