9/23 KDIGO MBD Public Comment

Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) has updated their Clinical Practice Guideline on the Diagnosis, Evaluation, Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder (CKD-MBD), and requests public comment by September 23, 2016.  The draft revised Guideline, backup data, and comment form can be found at http://kdigo.org/home/guidelines/ckdmbdupdate/ .

Prevention & Medicare

We’ve added the latest issue of our patient newsletter, Network Consumer News, to the Network 16 website.  This issue is on “Staying Healthy: Medicare’s Preventive Services,” with supplementary articles on Vaccinations and news about goings-on at Network 16.  We also include a summary of what Networks can do for patients, as well as a feedback form.  Find the current Network Consumer News issue, along with the archive of earlier issues, at https://www.nwrn.org/patients-a-family/ptedres/ncn.html .