Saving Patients’ Lifelines

Along with February’s Network 16 News, we’ve distributed copies of an ESRD NCC Fistula First tool called It only takes a minute to save your lifeline.  It’s intended for facilities to add their contact information and give to patients, as instructions for them to use to monitor their vascular access.  Find an online copy of the tool at .  We’ve linked to the tool from the NWRN website at .  You can find more vascular-access-protection resources at .

1/24 Catheter Dressings Guidelines Review

CDC is inviting comments on a draft revision of their Recommendations on Use of Chlorhexidine-Impregnated Dressings for Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections.  Comments are due by January 24, 2017.  For details see

Patient Safety, Vascular Access

Northwest Renal Network’s July Patient Bulletin discusses three types of Vascular Access that permit hemodialysis to occur, how vulnerable each type is to infection, and how you can help prevent infection no matter which type you use.  Find a copy under “July 2016” at .

Comments till 2/5 on QIP Measures for VA, Transplant

CMS has called for public comment on potential new QIP measures for vascular access and transplantation.  The comment period expires February 5, 2016.  For details see .

Infection Prevention Tips in New Patient Newsletter

The latest issue of the Network patient newsletter, Network Consumer News, includes articles on “Tips to Prevent Dialysis Infections” for patients with fistulas, grafts, or catheters, on the advantages of an Arteriovenous (AV) Fistula, and on Self-Care Dialysis, as well as a Learning Point and Related Resources on infection prevention and vascular access.  We also have large-print and Spanish editions.  If you don’t get a copy from your facility, you can find one at .

NCC Vascular Access Resources

The ESRD Network Coordinating Center has reorganized their Vascular Access tools to make them easier to use.  The tools include…

  • Access Planning Resources for both Patients and Facility Staff
  • Access Monitoring Resources for both Patients and Facility Staff
  • Catheter Check Resources for both Patients and Facility Staff
  • Access Planning and Monitoring Resources for Patients in Spanish

Find the tools at .