3/14+ Big Ask Big Give Living Donor Webinars

NKF and OHSU will co-sponsor a March 14, 2021 webinar on The Big Ask, the Big Give: Finding a Living Donor for a kidney transplant. Find information below, and register at https://kidney.secure.force.com/rc_connect__campaign_designform?id=7013a000002EDcTAAW&form=00P3a00001ZHrYXEA1&.

The webinar will be presented again by NKF on March 28, 2021; register for the March 28 version at https://kidney.secure.force.com/rc_connect__campaign_designform?id=7013a000002E7HmAAK&form=00P3a00001YUbsgEAD&=.

10/8 NCC Caregiver Webinar

The ESRD National Coordinating Center will present an October 8, 2020 webinar at noon PDT on The Kidney Caregiver Peer Connection Call. Too often the only person that can understand what you’re going through is someone who’s been there. The webinar is open to caregivers and patients who are affected by CKD, and offers strategies for wellness and support from fellow caregivers and care partners. To listen to the presentation, call 844-740-1264 and enter access code 133 121 4744. Find the video (without sound) by clicking HERE and enter Webex event number 133 121 4744 and password Peer2020! (including the exclamation point at the end).

Recall: Baxter/Gambro HD Blood Sets

The FDA has announced the Class II recall of the following Baxter/Gambro HD Cartridge blood sets because of potential for tubing disconnection:

1/1 HICNs No Longer Acceptable

Starting January 1, 2020, with few exceptions, all Medicare billing must use the new MBIs, Medicare Beneficiary Identifers, rather than the old Health Insurance Claim Numbers or HICNs.  Make sure your patients’ old Medicare cards have been shredded, to avoid exposing their Social Security Number to scammers.  Find instructions for billing, helping patients who haven’t gotten a new card, and other details of the transition, at https://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Outreach/FFSProvPartProg/Provider-Partnership-Email-Archive-Items/-2019-10-24-eNews.html?DLPage=1&DLEntries=10&DLSort=0&DLSortDir=descending#_Toc22641919.

RSN Podcast on Dialysis Technicians

As part of last week’s National Dialysis Technician Recognition Week (see https://nwrnbulletins.wordpress.com/2019/09/25/10-14-technician-technologist-appreciation-week/), the Renal Support Network’s KidneyTalk podcast series has published an audio recording called Dialysis Techs: The Front-Line Care, where an experienced Dialysis Technician talks about what their day is like.  Find the podcast at https://www.rsnhope.org/kidneytalk/dialysis-techs-front-line-care/.