10/11 Employment Options

The next Employment Options online Job Fair will be held on October 11, 2018; see https://www.myemploymentoptions.com/register-for-virtual-job-fair/.  Employment Options is a national SSA Employment Network in the Ticket To Work program.  For over 20 years, they have helped thousands of SSDI and SSI recipients successfully return to work through their free help to find suitable employment in either Work At Home or community positions in 47 states.  They currently have jobs open.  For more information see https://www.myemploymentoptions.com/.

2/28 New Hope for Kidneys Livestream

MIT’s Broad Institute and Harvard will livestream a February 28, 2018 presentation on Focus on Rare Disease: New Hope for Kidney Diseases 2018 by a long-time transplant recipient, survivor of Mucien-1 Kidney Disease, patient advocate, and activist.  For details and registration see https://www.eventbrite.com/e/focus-on-rare-disease-new-hope-for-kidney-diseases-2018-tickets-42799285816.

1/23+ NHSN Reconsent

The January 23, 2018 release of NHSN 8.8.1 will include an updated Agreement to Participate and Consent for facilities who enrolled in NHSN prior to Dec. 2, 2017.  Facilities that enrolled on or after Dec. 2, 2017 have already signed the new Consent Agreement and will not need to accept it again.  Primary Contacts or Facility Administrators should agree to this updated Consent form by April 14, 2018, or risk losing access to NHSN.  Once the Consent form is available on January 23, 2018, an alert will appear on all NHSN component home pages, and primary contacts and facility administrators will receive an email notification.  For additional information see https://www.cdc.gov/nhsn/about-nhsn/faq-agreement-to-participate.html (which includes Frequently Asked Questions), and the updated NHSN purposes at https://www.cdc.gov/nhsn/about-nhsn/technology.html.  If you have additional questions, email them to NHSN@cdc.gov with the subject line “NHSN Reconsent.”