12/31 Stipend Deadline for Dietititans Conference 3/3-4/16 in Troutdale OR

The Northwest Renal Dietitians will hold their 2016 Annual Conference near Portland March 3-4, 2016, hosted by the Oregon Council on Renal Nutrition.  Topics will include advance planning, nutrition assessment, appetite, acidosis, Fe-based PO4-binders, K/P transplants, marijuana, behavior change, inflammation, and diabetes.  For full details, including agenda, registration, accommodations, call for abstracts and posters, links to digital handouts, and stipend application (deadline December 31, 2015), see:

Warning: Lubricious Coatings on Intravascular Devices

The FDA has warned that hydrophilic and/or hydrophobic coatings may separate (e.g., peel, flake, shed, delaminate, slough off) from intravascular medical devices and potentially cause serious injuries to patients.  Coating separation can be caused by the difficulty of the procedure, patient’s anatomy, practitioner technique, using the wrong device for the procedure, improper preconditioning of the device, improper storage conditions, or issues with device design or manufacturing processes.  The FDA provides a long list of cautions and recommendations, at http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/Safety/AlertsandNotices/ucm473794.htm .

November Network News

The headline article in the November issue of Network 16 News is about the 2015 Exemplary Practice Awards (see https://nwrnbulletins.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/network-2015-exemplary-practice-awards/ ).  

We’ve also included:

Find the full edition at:

Patient Poster on Caregiving

We’ve added the November Monthly Patient Flyer/Poster to the Network website.  It celebrates National Family Caregivers Month, and we join the rest of the world in a bow of appreciation to all of the caregivers out there.  Find this and all of our historical Monthly Patient Posters at: 

If you have questions or suggestions for future Patient Flyers, please contact Patient Services Director Lisa Hall at lhall@nw16.esrd.net .  

Emergency Prep: Terror, Kids, Shelter-in-Place

The Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition has announced three new Emergency Response resources, one on Terrorism, one on Emergency Preparedness for Kids, and one on Sheltering in Place during an Emergency, each in English and Spanish.  Find them at:

CROWNWeb Data Management Guidelines Slides

The slides from the November 19, 2015 CROWNWeb Town Hall on the new CROWNWeb Data Management Guidelines are now available at:

Keep up with CROWNWeb News and Town Hall Events at, respectively:

They haven’t announced it yet, but on December 17, 2015 they plan to hold a CROWNWeb Town Hall and CMS Community WebEx on “The ESRD QIP and You.”  We’ll let you know when we get details.