September Preparedness Month

CDC, along with other organizations and agencies, declares September to be National Preparedness Month.  They urge everyone to take action before, during, and after an emergency.  Their recommendations include:

  • Every community should be ready to respond to infectious disease outbreaks, chemical spills or radiation releases, and natural disasters.
  • Public health systems should have the capacity to scale up quickly to respond to the varying demands of public health emergencies.

For more information see .

9/20+ NW16 Transplant Classes

Legacy Transplant Services will present two evening classes open to anyone who wants to learn about kidney transplantation and donation, especially patients, family, and friends.  The sessions will be held live at Legacy Good Samaritan downtown, and telecast to FMC Maywood Park near the Portland airport, on September 20 and November 16, 2017.  Find more information and registration instructions at .

OHSU also hosts a transplant class in Portland on Wednesday evenings; see .

New Medicare Card Design

CMS has unveiled the design for the new Medicare cards that will be mailed to beneficiaries between April 2018 and April 2019.  For security, the new cards will not contain Social Security Numbers, but a randomly-assigned number instead.  The old cards should be shredded or otherwise destroyed.  For the CMS press release on the design of the new cards, see .

9/28, 10/12 Job Fairs Online

Employment Options will hold a free September 28, 2017 online webinar on Jobs Fair Tips and Tricks, and an October 12, 2017 online Jobs Fair.  Find full details and register at for the September 28 webinar and at for the October 12 Jobs Fair.