5/1 New KDIGO Methods Committee

KDIGO seeks volunteers and nominations for membership in their new Methods Comittee, which will be a small group providing oversight and guidance to future guideline work groups and evidence review teams.  It will also help to codify KDIGO’s processes in a Methods Manual.  It will report to the Executive Committee through its chair, who holds an ex officio Executive Committee seat.  Qualified candidates should have experience with guideline methodology, the GRADE System, and the appraisal and rating of evidence in guidelines.  The focus will be on scientific rigor and the needs of clinicians caring for kidney patients around the world.  The Committee will meet once each year and have conference calls to conduct its work.  If you’re interested, email kdigocommunications@kdigo.org by May 1, 2019.  KDIGO will choose five to seven experts who will be invited to join its Methods Committee.  For details see https://kdigo.org/call-for-methods-committee-nominations/.