7/17+ DFR Review Period, DFC Notes

The University of Michigan Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center (UM-KECC) will post FY2019 Dialysis Facility Reports at https://dialysisdata.org/ for facility comments starting July 17, 2018.  The comment period ends on August 15, 2018.  Facilities must use their DialysisData.org Master Account Holder (MAH) password to create and/or enable staff accounts on DialysisData.org in order to review and comment on their DFR.  If you do not know your MAH password, contact your Network.

UM-KECC has also recently published an updated Technical Notes on the Updated Dialysis Facility Compare Star Rating Methodology.  Find it at https://dialysisdata.org/sites/default/files/content/Methodology/UpdatedDFCStarRatingMethodology.pdf.

CMS will suppress from public view some DFC and Star-Ratings data for impacted facilities in counties that were designated by FEMA as a major disaster area because of the 2017 wildfires.  For information on this see https://dialysisdata.org/sites/default/files/content/News/Natural%20Disaster%20Supression%20FAQs.pdf.

1/5 Physician Measures TEP

CMS has contracted with UM-KECC to develop one or more measures related to the quality of care provided to ESRD dialysis patients by physicians, and is recruiting transplant and dialysis patients to serve on the Technical Expert Panel that will propose such measures.  Nominations are due by January 5, 2018.  For details see https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/MMS/TEP-Currently-Accepting-Nominations.html#001.

2018 DFC Schedule

User accounts on https://dialysisdata.org/ must be created or reviewed by facility Master Account Holders (MAH), and new passwords chosen, before February 1, 2018.  Master Account Holders must create a separate USER account to be able to view DFRs and QDFC data; the MAH account does not provide that access.  It only allows the MAH to be able to manage user accounts.

It is the MAH’s responsibility to update user contact information (including their own), transfer MAH credentials within the facility appropriately, review and enable existing user accounts, and set user-specific permissions.  If MAH credentials are passed on within your facility to a new MAH, please notify your Network and update the contact information on https://dialysisdata.org/ to reflect a new contact person for the MAH.

The 2018 QDFC and PY2019 DFR schedules follow:

  • The Preview Period for the April 2018 QDFC will span February 1 through February 15, 2018.
  • The Preview Period for the July 2018 QDFC will span May 1 through May 15, 2018.
  • The Preview Period for the October 2018 QDFC will span July 15 through August 15, 2018.
  • FY2019 DFRs will be available on July 17, 2018.
  • The Preview Period for the January 2019 QDFC will span November 1 through November 15, 2018.

Direct questions to  DialysisData@umich.edu, 855-764-2885 (toll-free, M-F, 6am-2pm PST only), or to your Network.  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions will be posted at https://dialysisdata.org/.

8/15+ QIP/DFR Previews

The preview periods for QIP Performance Score Reports (PSR), Dialysis Facility Reports (DFR), and Quarterly Dialysis Facility Compare (QDFC) are all now open.  These are distinct reports accessed through two different websites, with different preview periods. PSRs must be reviewed and commented upon by August 18, 2017; DFRs and QDFC must be reviewed and commented upon by August 15, 2017.  If you’re waiting till the last day to submit your comments, verify the time of the deadline with CMS; some CMS deadlines are now 5:00 pm ET (2:00 pm PT) rather than the usual 11:59 ET (8:59 PT).  Note that the following are not in order by date.

Preview QIP PY2018 Performance Score Reports

Preview Dialysis Facility Reports (DFR) and Quarterly October 2017 Dialysis Facility Compare (QDFC) report

8/19 New QDFC Preview Deadline

CMS has discovered an error in the calculation of the Standardized Readmission Ratio (SRR) that affects most facilities.  The measure has been recalculated and is available for preview in your facility’s 

  • DFC: Quarterly DFC Preview for October Report  
  • DFR: FY 2017 Dialysis Facility Report 

on https://www.DialysisData.org .  The footer of these Reports will note the August 2016 production date.

Some planned readmissions were inadvertently excluded.  In the recalculation, 11% of facilities nationwide show an absolute difference in SRR of more than 0.05.  About 100 facilities changed SRR category on DFC.  Use the Comments & Inquiries tab on https://www.DialysisData.org if you have questions on the SRR recalculation.

Because of this error, the Preview Period will be extended to August 19 at 5 PM ET to allow review of the updated Reports.  The SRR information is the only change to the Reports.  Refer to https://nwrnbulletins.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/815-dfcdfr-comments-due/ for more instructions if necessary.

8/15 DFC/DFR Comments Due

QDFC-Preview for October 2016 reports and FY2017 DFRs will be available to Networks and facilities beginning July 15, 2016 on the secure website, https://www.DialysisData.org .  Facilities can preview reports and submit questions about the data reported in their QDFC preview report and DFR, including comments for State Surveyors, until August 15, 2016.  All comments, inquiries, and questions must be submitted using the required comment forms:

  • DFC Comment for CMS
  • DFR Comment for State Surveyor
  • DFR Comment for UM-KECC

Via https://www.DialysisData.org .  Only authenticated users who have been granted permission to submit DFC and DFR comments by their dialysis data website Master Account Holder will be able to perform this action.